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Ms. Kirk is a world renowned artist from Washington DC. Her work have adorned the residences of the Ambassadors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.
She needed a website to be functionally sophisticated enough to showcase her many pieces of mixed art and simple enough for her following to contact her for more information.

I created an elegant, streamlined artist showcase that is simple and easy to browse with a visual appeal to match her eclectic style. That allows her to continue to add art galleries easily with minimal effort.

Website design & development, WordPress theme development, Photography, Branding.

Ms. Kirk is a very private person. How do you make an art exhibit online without contact info, and no personal pictures? My challenge in giving her a website to match her identity and respect her wishes was to create a brand identity that represent her eclectic style, to exhibit her artwork content seamlessly, with a simple contact page with her sketched image and generic info email.

A vibrant and creative website with lots of energy that intends to engage users into action.

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