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Victims of U.S. Mail fraud like identity theft, cyber scams, and child exploitation are often underserved, due to underreporting and the complexities of investigations. The Inspection Service needed a modern, flexible website for its fraud-prevention outreach to postal customers. The website needed to be functionally sophisticated enough to educate and simple enough for victims to enter timely fraud complaints.

The Solution:
I created an elegant, streamlined layout that is simple and easy to use. The visual appeal delivers pertinent content in a few clicks and calls to action visually inherent.

Web design and front-end development and branding.

Tools Used:
This project use the latest web technologies, i.e., Bootstrap 3.x, HTML5 boilerplate, LESS CSS preprocessor, etc.

Graphic Programs used:
Adobe Creative Suite CC, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

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